Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Forging ahead: slowly and somewhat apologetically

     Can't believe how long it has been since I wrote something here.  In spite of my denial and reassurances-to-self, apparently my (second) breast cancer diagnosis has been distracting,  depressing and, in a way, debilitating.  
     It is more of a challenge than usual to keep to a routine, whether it be housekeeping, laundry, drawing or writing.
     But no REAL worries, either.  I've been down this road before and survived the trip.  In fact this trip should be easier because there isn't anybody who is recommending chemo!  "Yay!  She keeps her hair and the vanity about it!"
     I am going to try to fore go making any more excuses.  It is what it is and I am what I am, or as my adopted Latin motto has been for decades:  SUM QUOD SUM.
     The  day after I had my partial mastectomy was the start of Sketchbook Skool, an online sketching/art/drawing class.  I catch up only to find that I've fallen behind.  But here are most of the sketches I did in the last couple of weeks.

Brenda Swenson was the instructor one week.  She believes in decorative borders, watercolor over ink and continuous contour drawings.  I like this pitcher best when I am confident it is completely full of lemonade.  At least I tend to see it as half full rather than half empty... except of course, when it is TOTALLY empty like here... so that the cat won't try to drink out of it and tip it over or break it.  I think this pitcher is older than I am.  OMG:  An antique!  One of the few "treasures" I snatched from my childhood home when my father was disposing of his earthly goods....
 I drew while watching TV, too.  The cat failed to notice I was painting her.  When she DOES notice, she gets all squirmy or "cute," changing poses faster than a model in a gesture drawing class.  Hubby with a sleeping cat in his lap usually holds a pose for more than 10 minutes!!

We took a last minute trip to central New Hampshire and Vermont.  I took a ton of photos which need cropping and editing.  So all you get for now is this evening sketch of the hotel lobby seating area.  Can you identify the brand?

My stitch-n-bitch group meets on Sunday evenings at Starbucks.  I was the only one who showed up last week, so I sketched instead.  People waiting for service stand still ALMOST long enough to "capture."

 This week's Sketchbook Skool instructor wanted to emphasize that you don't need fancy materials to doodle and sketch, so she assigned us a ball-point pen drawing.  I started this at the eye doctor's office.  We were told unceremoniously that the doctor we've been seeing for two years moved to a different firm in Manchester, NH.  I'm upset.  Would you drive an extra 40 minutes to stay with a professional you really liked? 
Let me know your thinking in the comments.
My husband was sweet enough to read another few pages in his book while I finished the outline of the furniture.  It took several episodes of Hell on Wheels (AMC) for me to add the red cross-hatching and textures.

 I had more ambition today than usual... went to the Peabody Essex Museum to see the Turner and the Sea exhibit.  The Turner paintings ARE in a realm of their own... whether oils or watercolors.  My pencil sketches are hard to scan, but I learned a lot about atmosphere, lights, darks and composition from doing them.  I'll post more about the show soon.
 The museum store had some cool felted purses with beautifully gaudy jewelry sewn over the clasps.
I'm thinking that the materials probably cost about $5.00 (assuming the jewelry is from China/Walmart or Michaels), but they were priced at $155.00.  Granted, the craftsmanship was excellent... but the entrepreneurship was the most amazing part.  I bet they'll sell to the museum crowd, too.


Lisa Daria said...

Beautiful drawings, Dana - I like the stylization of people very much and your writing voice - and your handwriting - well, I'm just full of liking today - did I mention the crosshatching? But the line quality is so loose and confident at the same time. As far as driving an extra 40 miles for the doctor you like, sure! Why not? When you make the first trip maybe ask the doctor for a recommendation of someone in your area just in case - my father was at the Turner exhibit on Saturday (did you see him?!) - I want to go see this too - and by the way, you are much further ahead in 'Sketchbook Skool' assignments than I am!

Holly said...

Love and light on this journey. Just because you've made it before doesn't always make it easier. If I was really crazy about a health care professional I would probably make the drive. I certainly would for my current GP. I might have to weigh in if there was anything else of interest in the new location that would make the trip even more attractive.

journalady® said...

Just spending some time with you here, Dear Dana . . . You're doing so well, keeping up with your art. It would be my salvation, for sure, as it has always been. Sending you gentle hugs and prayers. LOVE your work . . .