Sunday, June 29, 2014

Surf and Sand Sculpture at Hampton Beach

 Two weeks before July 4, Hampton Beach trucks in tons of super fine sand and holds a Sand Sculpture Contest.  Last Sunday was clear but chilly, so we thought we might have a chance of finding a parking spot AND seeing the sand sculptures.  The Chamber of Commerce insists that it's just "regular" sand with only an exterior coating of water and school glue for "permanence," along with spikes on the tall parts to keep birds from landing on fragile parts.
"Together we are One" by a man from Canada won first prize.

 Out of the depths was pretty evocative. I liked the tree people, and got a picture of the Frozen "Elsa" tribute.

 I didn't think so  much about "Who pushes the buttons" or "A mother's protection."

My personal favorite was the combined eagle and dragon.  It won second place.
There's nothing like a color wheel umbrella to make a beach pretty.

The watermelon umbrella was a fun addition, too.  Oh, and there was plenty of skin on view as well.

This is the ocean side of the Chamber of Commerce building.  The boardwalk side has an ampitheater for nightly musical acts.

The ocean was reflecting all sorts of blues and greens.

 The gulls were pretty nice about sharing the sand.

 Wicked Willy's had a good "Philly" Cheese Steak sandwich.

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