Monday, March 10, 2014

Fiddling: old and new

Wire sculpture, painting and over-painting.
I have recently started thinking about exploring houses as containers in my art.  A long time ago I started a series of paintings of houses, and I'm thinking about taking them up again... but then I saw some little wire house sculptures and said "aha"!.   So I am in that weird stage of trying to find the right wire, a personal "style" and ways to make them artsy (without ruining the fun!).  I may add tissue paper or wire wraps in the future.  These are just prototypes!  

I changed some angles, colors, and tones on my Diptych.  I also dabbled some varied neutrals to give the impression of a cobble-stone street, as well as re-melted some colors to enhance the feeling of reflections.
I want to add doors and windows as well as some puffy, curved shapes in the clouds.  After a year of a limited palette, I let myself get out some of my "weird" colors tonight.  Love "pink" and cobalt violet and cinnabar green, among others.

 I also changed the values in this stormy snow painting. I lightened the sky.  A LOT. (the bad glare kinda hides that change.)  I also changed the orientation/perspective on the barn somewhat, and I think it SITS better on the ground.  Also added a bit more color to the snow. 
There's still more to do on both of these paintings.  And even when I don't know what more to do with a painting, there's always another one... and more to learn.

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