Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Everything's coming up...

The skies are still wintery gray this afternoon, there's (still) snow on the ground, and my mood is hardly sunny, but... Everything's coming up FLOWERS on my easel.  Above is a (probably) finished impression of lilacs from an on-line photographic reference.  I rearranged the stems, examined artificial lilacs closely and otherwise kind of "let 'er rip" when I was painting.  Loose Lilacs:  9 x 12  oil on panel
One of my co-painters asked what kind of flowers I was painting.  Until I was finished, I couldn't say.  I think they are mostly anemones (although they could be ranunculas).  The painting was inspired by an on-line painting... but I don't think anyone would confuse them by the time it had MY colors, MY brushwork and MY distorted planes.

At today's meeting of the Nashua Artists Breakfast Club we brought drawing supplies and Peter K brought his blooming Amaryllis.  The meeting was MUCH quieter than usual, but just as much fun.  Apparently I sketch fast (and furious?), because I did two images.  Maybe I just don't embarrass all that easily.

 Please note:  It's not all coming up roses.  I've got some grieving going on.  I won't go into detail in a public forum, but comfort and consolation is most welcome.

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Marsha said...

I love the fresh spontaneity of your flowers!! I am sorry you are going through a hard time.