Monday, February 10, 2014

Remember when...?

Remember when you were little and took music lessons?  And hoped that you could do a week's worth of practicing the day before (or the day OF) your lesson?  Well, with the Olympics on TV, it turns out I've reverted to that same procedure when it comes to my studio painting time.  Drat.
Well, at least I got some painting done today.  
I corrected some of the color fields in my Mama and Lambie sheep, although as always, when I see it on screen, I can see plenty of places where they still need some help! 

I also got out what I thought was a totally failed pair of paintings I started several years ago.  Since working with the Perspective Policewoman Paula M, I could see where I had gone astray.  Really astray.  
I mixed up some "street" colored paint and at least got these houses relatively lined up, and then re-roofed most of them.

 MUCH improved, in my opinion!  There are still decisions to be made about how stylized and abstract to make this... and what more to do with the watery reflections.  But still... I don't think any of my new New England Painting buddies have seen any of their peers paint anything this crazy.  I wonder if I'll have nerve to show it to them in person!

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