Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Downsizing is better in theory than reality.

.Actually, we have plenty of space... it's just that a lot of it is in the wrong place.

At 2:30 this afternoon the outside temperature was 26.  I think that means it was in the 30's in my basement art studio.  I was too lazy to check.  That also means I haven't been "at the easel" all week... except for the easel at my friend's instructional studio class.

 At least I made some progress there!  The town scape is looking more plausible, but still funky.

 The mama and baby sheep are, similarly, more realistic, but still funny.  (Maybe funky, too). I see several places I want to adjust... but they need GOOD light... if not natural light, then at least BRIGHT light.

And I don't really feel like working with pastels (which are upstairs in the warm cozy eat-in-kitchen/dining area).

So maybe I'll invest in an indoor-outdoor carpet or tarp and heave the big easel upstairs...
OR (This would be a BIG project)
Make my tiny upstairs guest room/office into an art studio.  Might have to put my yarn stash in closed containers, though.  Yarn and oil paint do NOT mix.
Downsizing is better in theory than reality.  At least if you are a crafty artist hoarder.

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