Sunday, January 05, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

 The tradition seems to be solidifying that my children and their families come to Mama's house on New Year's Day.  (Thank goodness none of us are huge partiers.  No hangovers in evidence this year , although a fair amount of sleep deprivation seemed obvious!

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade started as the coffee finished brewing, the "Jolly Breakfast Ring" (monkey bread, more or less) came out of the oven, went back in and came out again.  My daughter and her wife brought a healthy (i.e., low fat, high protein) casserole as well as black eyed peas with ham and cornbread.  You'd have thought we lived in the South for a while!

Our gift exchange was relatively sedate this year, although I gave everyone noisemakers just in case they hadn't rung in the New Year enough.
I forgot to make sure everybody popped their "Crackers." 

 It was good to visit with the Aunties before the granddaughter and her parents arrived.  We got a thorough report on their visit to Maine.  They definitely had it colder there than we did.
 The ever expanding collection of wind-up toys was a fascination to Judy who is now old enough to wind them up, wait and watch.  Some of them kind of hiccup, which made her jumpy.

 Miss J seemed ecstatic to get to ride Auntie W around the living room.  I don't see how it was possible on the hardwood floor without knee pads!
I see real pony rides in the future!

 My son has been down with a cold for almost a month I think.  This seems to happen regularly at this time of year.  Mid Terms, Coaching Hockey, devising a new syllabus this year, as well as being dad, husband and friend to many.
He seemed happy to watch the outdoor Hockey game, though, and to be happier that he wasn't outside in the cold watching it.
  Auntie C allowed herself to be climbed upon and had a terrific rapport.  She and Miss J were prepared for snow play with snow pants, mittens and jackets.
 The ruffled skirt and tights got stuffed right inside the snow pants, and she can now zip her jacket by herself.  We all liked the hat!
 Aunty C was a whiz with the shovel.
Miss J wasn't quite sure what was going to happen.  Would there be a Fort?  a Cave?  an Igloo? 

It was quickly apparent that it was a tunnel!

 It took a few times, but she got the hang of "over, under, around and through" without much hesitation.  I don't think it hurt that Dad was taking pictures.

 After the exertion, things got a bit silly inside......

 Hoping YOUR New Year is full of smiling faces and bright ideas.

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Unknown said...

Your family is lovely and it looks like a good time was had by all. I wish you everything wonderful in 2014.
Pam (LIBRRIAN. in Flicker)