Friday, January 17, 2014

Oxymoron: Bright Pastels from the Easel

Since I have appropriate the kitchen table for my pastel set-up, I've put in more time with them.  Here are two versions of a landscape near Deerfield, MA and one from back in Texas.   
Winter Thaw I:  Coarse grit on watercolor paper mounted on foam core.
Winter Thaw II: White Mi Tientes with alcohol  underpainting using reds.
Henbit in Texas:   Grey Mi Tientes.


kath said...

Love it! How did you get that grit on the first one? Really cool.

Dana S. Whitney said...

You can buy gesso with ground up pumice already in it (I bought "coarse") and then paint it onto whatever ground you are going to use: watercolor paper, wood, canvas, etc. On small pieces like this (9 x 12) you have to REALLY simplify the shapes because the details fall into the crevasses!