Sunday, October 20, 2013

We may have a new favorite restaurant.

I knew that my (grown) children really liked Legal Sea Foods, having been introduced by other family members.  DH and I don't necessarily consider ourselves BIG fish fans, but when we were replacing come kitchen items (see Flaming Refrigerator Story) at Crate and Barrell at the Burlington Mall (MA), we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner out and Voila!  There was Legal Sea Foods.
     As usual, we arrived at the Geezer Hour, i.e., before 5 pm, hungry because we'd skipped lunch.  We were seated immediately off the main traffic path and introduced to the daily specials by our waiter, Joseph.  I succumbed to the novelty of a Cranberry (!) Margarita, which Joseph actually re-made when I agreed that it would probably be better with salt.  (It was!)  We shared a shrimp cocktail and then dove into the Chef's Choice (a medley of sword fish, salmon, shrimp and scallops) with sauteed kale and a baked potato and a Filet Mignon with cheese drizzled broccoli and rice, respectively.  Even though the portions were ample, we also treated ourselves to a shared apple cake (it was individual and muffin sized) with cinnamon ice cream and apple coulis, and a 30 year tawny port.  With coffee.  YUM.
     We could perhaps have fed a family of four someplace else for the amount of the tab, but I was glad and grateful to have had the experience.  I look forward to repeating it. 

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