Monday, October 14, 2013

Three generations of birthdays

 October is a big birthday month for my family.  Gramma, Son and Granddaughter have birthdays within 11 days of each other.    DH and I invited ourselves to visit and have a birthday dinner.  (We thought we were going out, but Granddaughter wasn't feeling well, so DH bought groceries and Son grilled burgers and tatoes.  DIL made cake!
 Son rarely sits still for a decent picture.  I surprised him with this one.  Note that he'd covered up in just a few seconds.
 DIL and Granddaughter opened HRH's presents.  There was an "heirloom" (i.e. her father's) Jonah and Whale softie.  First it's the whale, and then you can pour all the beans into Jonah and hide the whale inside him.

 Nobody went into any scriptural interpretations of the story!

 Next there was a pink puzzle/cube thingy that can be transformed into a robot, or a chair, or stairs.

 DIL/Mom was the only one who could make it back into a cube!

 The sweater (dress/jacket) was a hit.
 She noticed the heart buttons right away.

 Listening to Daddy reminisce about HIS times with Jonah and the Whale.

 A moment's rest/recess between presents and hot dogs.
 Their beautiful trio.
 The flowers DH and I sent for HRH's party last week were holding up amazingly well.
Sometimes, it is wonderful to be alive, don't you think?

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Holly said...

I do think. Absolutely.Goodness how I loved 3. You have a year of fabulous fun ahead. Nice job on the sweater/dress/jacket!