Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Knitting Victory.... and a tie... er... a sweater

 First, the victory.
This is the Swing Shawl from the Happy Knits yarn shop "class".  It is an exercise in short rows, among other things.  I picked an alpaca blend and another with cashmere... from Rhinebeck, I think... as a real treat.  Can't believe it took me so long to knit, but I KNOW I will be wearing it a lot as the weather cools down.  It has enough give to have a snugly neck while still covering my shoulders... and the shape and drape of it prevent it from falling off my shoulders like so many semi-circular or, worse, rectangular ones.

Then there is this ill fated but still charming sweater.
It is a Sirdar Pattern... and I later heard from more experienced knitters that Sirdar is known for peculiar and/or difficult construction methods.  I had already shot myself in the foot by not knitting the first version fast enough, which meant frogging almost an entire 1 year old size sweater, buying more yarn and making a size 6 (!).  And of course the dye lots didn't match.  I did decide to alternate rows of the old and new yarn, though, so there is a stripeyness that was not originally intended .  AND there were twice as many ends to weave in.  (I counted 63.  Even 30+ is an awful lot for a cardigan which uses 6 skeins.)  But this one had a sewn on sailor collar AND sewn on button bands.  Admittedly, the button bands make a nice vertical placket up the front, but I wish I could have picked up and knit!
I could almost have added fringe to the ruffled peplum!
 But isn't it cute?  And I feel very fortunate to have found blue heart shaped buttons.

Obviously, I forgot to change yarns at least once while knitting the back.
Live and learn.
And knit fast.

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