Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pop! Goes the Easel: progress,improvements and plans.

Got other alleged priorities out of the way and got to my paints and palette.  It has been chilly and damp enough that last week's oil blobs were still workable (except for the white... first time THAT has dried before anything else!)

The photographs are pretty awful.  Took them on my phone AND the natural light was dimming as it was almost dusk.  The good news, though, is that if I paint during the day there IS natural light... even in the basement!  YAY!

My two pieces for the Newburyport 8cubed show are coming along.  I decided to paint what I like, but using new information from Bob Richardson's class.
 When they dry a bit more, I'll wash off the white chalk lines and do some more shading to create more depth.  I should probably look at some waves and water to see what to do with the ocean (above). At least all the sheep have most of their facial features now! 
These guys need their pink noses toned down as well as needing lips, mouths and eyes.  
I took drastic liberties (for me anyway) with my reference photograph of the cat (below).  Her shadow has been distorted to improve the composition.  There's also lots of work to do on the hedge in the distance.  I like where the angles meet, but the line is too abrupt the way it is.
 I've been afraid of this one.  I got lots of helpful feedback... and while it might make sense to start from scratch, it is an interesting "problem" to try to solve on the work-in-progress.  I've redrawn the flagstones and stairs, changed the shadows/light source and determined a focal point.  LOTS more work to do on this one!
 And I chalked in the beginnings of another building painting.  (You might remember all those crazy angular houses I did way back when.)  The photograph is of the back entrance to Dartmouth's Hood Art Museum.  I liked the pointy roof and alternate rectangles of light and dark.
Be still, my heart, and steady, my hand!

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Merilyn said...

Love the sheep, you really understand them Dana! I will have to try some, and cows I love cows, with their big soft eyes...