Sunday, February 03, 2013

Northerly Day Trip 1.1

Last week we headed North to Kittery and York Maine.  We'd heard rumors of a model train store... AND were on the prowl for snow/waterproof shoes for Darling Husband.  Above is one of the several critters at Kittery Trading Post.  This particular moose was the proud kill (boy THAT sounds wrong to me) of a 13 year old "hunter."  I have to admit, I'd rather see a stuffed moose close up than a live on on my bumper.
 Two obliging fellows outside the front of the store.

The Model Train and Slot Car store featured the MOST loquacious proprieter ever. He and I chatted, leaving DH to prospect among the HO scale buildings, trains, etc. Some of the layouts could use a good dusting, but there were lots of pieces that reminded me of childhood locations or fantasy wishes.  Who knew that men have figured out how to "play with dolls"?
 Under the big top.
 I don't know what you call a place where you can turn the trains around, but it looked intriguing.  (And we found a full size one near Bangor, Maine when we were up there!)
 I knew that there were Nascar "regions"... but I never thought New Hampshire was one of them.
 I had to wonder what story would make the lone baseball player "fit" into this vignette.
 My son never had a slot car layout like this!
 A model VW with Rikki Tikki Stickis!
 The MTASC shop owners wife is one of the owners of The Yarn Sellar.  She was as quiet as he was talkative.  And the Sellar's yarn was as stellar as the trains/slot cars were banal.

 I saw some new products, brands and color combinations...

 I-cords on wires made for fun decor.  Note the crocheted curtain, too.
 We were still looking for TRAINS.  This shop was mostly about model PLANES.
 Kittery Trading Post had a Ski Lift car... What's up with that?
 A different Moose, bigger antler rack.
 A product that I wondered about.  Who would invent such a thing?  Why?  Surely "regular" malted milk balls wouldn't make one stand out more than "just plain brown ones."  And I bet they all small the same if you are down wind.

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Unknown said...

Oh, where is that yarn shop? I think I see a field trip in the future.
As far as Nascar in NH, just head on up Rte. 93 to Laconia - real live, full size Nascar!