Saturday, February 09, 2013

No Mo' Nemo

I can see how people lose stuff in snow storms!  This is a sandwich photo of how our front yard looked as the snow deepened.. The left is what it looked like this morning after a night of constant snow.  I beieve we were fortunate, though.  I don't think we had more than two feet, and not all THAT much wind.

 This is what I saw from my front porch this morning.  (Ignoring the snow ON the porch!  (See below).
 These are the ridges that the late night plow man left.  And I have no idea how thick the snow is that accumulated afterward.  He hasn't been back, though!
 The front "breezeway" door doesn't have eaves to speak of:  hence, a wall of snow when I opened this door.
 There was a shorter wall of snow at the back "breezeway" door.
 The wall of snow outside the garage was tall, but thin.  It was from the plow scraping the rest of the drive way.  DH cleared us a path that is Toyota width.
 Don't hate us for having someone come and plow this so we didn't have to shovel.
 Junco feeding station.

 This lump is actually a three foot tall boulder that sits where our well cap is.  Snow, obviously, substitutes for camoulflage.
 We also have a finch feeder.  Today though, it was the Juncos that visited.  (I didn't see any finches).  The notches in the snow-on-the-rail, and the dents in the drift on the floor boards are from the Juncos looking for fallen seed. 

The red box indicates the upturned feet of our patio table.  No BBQ today!

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Holly said...

It's so beautiful. I've been thinking of you and hoping all things important (power, internet) were continuing to function. I confess to not a small amount of envy.