Monday, January 14, 2013

A Quilting We have gone!

Darling Daughter and I went to a free Quilting Class at the local quiltshop Saturday morning.  After being totally blown away at the advances in sewing machine over the past 40(!) years, we had a great time constructing Log Cabin blocks from scraps provided by the shop.  We seamed, adhered backing and batting, quilted by "stitching in the ditch, made long enough binding, mitered corners and invisibly hand finished our squares.  What fun!

 Afterwards we treated ourselves to The Royal Treatment at Leah Mae's Breakfast and Tea Room. The building was originally a train station and sure enough the train went zooming by as we were finishing.

Chicken salad with mango and chutney.
Ginger-peach tea.

Chicken pie (in PUFF pastry) with cranberry confit.  When dessert arrived, we were too thrilled to even THINK about taking a picture.  Figures.
 After eating we browsed the estate sale finds.  DD found some agate, amethyst and jade earings to re-string and make into a necklace.  I was taken by this stoneware cat.  Maybe next time if she is still there.

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