Thursday, December 20, 2012

Completed Baby Knit and Christmas from Estonia

 I finished the baby blanket!  This is for a professional friend that I'll be seeing tomorrow.  We don't exchange Christmas gifts, but she's having a baby and it just seemed like the thing to do.  I varied the dimensions of a Valley Yarns pattern by Kirsten Hipsky called #286 Shale Pleated... It is about 30 inches square. 
 My friend from Estonia sent me two (2!!) terrific presents:  DOUBLE KNIT mittens with sheep on them!  The insides are either alpaca or cashmere and almost thrummed.  The sheep bodies seem to have been hooked on waste cloth, their faces and feet embroidered on the outer layer.  Toasty fingers from now on!
And Estonian Chocolate.  I know the Swiss are famous for chocolate, but if this bar is anything like the one I got last year, the Estonians could give them a run for their money... even if THEY think it is "only" equivalent to Hersey's!  "Kalevipoeg" is the title character of a national epic about a champion crowned king, who visited the underworld, traveled to the ends of the world and also shaped Estonia's lakes and hills, moved giant boulders and brought forth fresh water springs.

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Holly said...

Beautiful blanket. Love the pattern. What a lucky receiver of wonderful gifts!