Sunday, December 02, 2012

Breezing through Bath

 I have been hearing about Bath since my kids started visiting Maine with their Dad and step-mom.  There is a nifty newsletter that their CoC puts out: filled with news of parades, shows and socials.
Goes to show, that if you don't know the territory, you might get a very different impression. I think that Bath in Summer must be totally different than Bath in late November.  Of course it might have been that on Thanksgiving DAY, nothing is happening.
We did managed to navigate the on and off ramps so that we didn't just zip by.
 Bath is divided by State Highway 1 and a rail road line.
 Apparently Bath considers itself most famous for building ships.
 They aren't bad with steps and stairs, either!
 There was a nice river side park with benches and trees.  The trees had Christmas decorations in them which were unlike any I'd seen before.  I bet they light up at night.  I played with this photograph to nearly quadruple the number of decorations.  A sparsely decorated tree is... just a tree.
Some moorings had apparently lost their piers.  I liked the colors of the rust on this one, and the odd color of the reflection.
 The gulls were gathered together and enjoying some sunshine.
 If It hadn't been quite so chilly, I might have parked myself here and done some sketching.  Loved the carved-in logo.

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