Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Fun

The sky was  overcast so the pictures weren't all that great today... but that made a great excuse to really hype things up with photoshop tools.  I'm trying to channel lots of East Coast impressionist/realists:  Twachtman, Kahn, and anybody else I've seen!  And maybe I'll even paint some of these soon... WHEN I get into the basement!

 Herbert A Tobey, WWI veteran has a square marked after him, by this listing barn building.
 Officially this area is past its peak fall color.. but there is quite a bit left, whether on leaves or buildings.

 I can imagine Norman Rockwell emphasizing the school buss and taking the Van out...

 I'm forcing some paperwhites on the dining table.
AND, I went to my cheery LYS and added to my yarn stash for Christmas gifts.  Better get going!!

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