Thursday, November 08, 2012

Finding what we didn't lose

 The nearest car dealership for our Toyota is about 8 miles away in Epping, NH.  The place that was always recommended (and near by) was the Holy Grail.  Well, we finally made it, and are glad we did.  It is in a former Catholic Church, so it has a decidedly Irish charm: nooks and crannies, irregular light levels and and acoustics.  The names in the donated stained glass windows seemed to be mostly of French origin, but nobody's complaining. The tag line for the restaurant is "Divine Food and Heavenly Spirits."  I certainly enjoyed my Angry Orchard Cider Harvest Soup (hard cider with squash and sausage!) and a pulled pork flat-bread sandwich.  DH had the Ruben and was speechless from beginning to end.  The web page also brags of having the largest beer selection  "this side of Killarny."  It certainly has the list with the best NAMES of beers that I've seen anywhere.  Slainte!

 And then, there was this morning.
SNOW. The intrepid weathermen had forecast snow beginning yesterday afternoon as part of a "nor'easter" piling onto the aftermath of tropical storm Sandy.  By the time it arrived in southern NH, it was very quiet, and the winds had calmed down.  Power is steady (so far). 
By 1 pm, the driveway snow had melted and we decided to go out for lunch and birdseed.  The plows had plowed, the 4 wheel drive worked great, and we dodged the need to shovel anything, or even to wish we had a snow blower.

And I'm pretty sure there were deer tracks on the little faux bridge near the bird feeder in the front lawn.  I still haven't actually seen any deer on our property.  But I'm doubly vigilant now.

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