Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Spooks and Skeletons in the Family Closet

Darling Daughter and DIL went all out for a Halloween party for the young and young at heart.
 HRH the grand daughter was Tigger in the early afternoon, although she lost her head almost immediately.  Her Elfish Dad, while not feeling great, was present and accounted for.
 When the Tigger suit got too hot, the Wicked Cute version of HRH appeared.
 His Eminence was well behaved.
 Super-Girl 1 enjoyed being read to by His Eminence.
 My Ex and his wife came as Thing 1 and Thing 2.
 Things are never too exciting to skip reading a book.
 While few succeeded, and many were game, there was ample opportunity to bob for apples.  Macowns, too!
 The DIL was a champ!
 Brothers stood fast on the sidelines.
 Auntie Dubs and HRH gave it a try.
 The Elf and "Lance"
 Katy was a pro and even went back for seconds!
 Daniel preferred to fish his out by hand.

Mobster and Moll:  Jay and Jill

 The Bear and the Minion
 Merida and the Bear

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