Thursday, October 04, 2012

Art, Leaves & More Art

I think we may be pretty close to the top of leaf season color.  Yesterday I went to Nashua for the regular meeting of "the Breakfast Club" which consists of local artists.  I feel like a bit of an imposter because I haven't done any painting OR encaustic since we moved. I've been too busy with knitting, family and putting things away.
Anyway, after that meeting I let Garmina guide me to Exeter by a Northerly route, which took me through LOTS of brightly colored trees.  Even though it was a drizzly day, I think you can get the drift.  These are cropped photos that I took "one handed" with the camera pointing out of the passenger side door:  through the window.  So don't be surprised at rain splotches here and there.
Crossing the Merrimack River

In flat places, sometimes there was farm land, sometimes just open fields.  Farther south, it is swampy, but not up here, so far as I could tell.

 Every tree is its own unique shape and  has its own coloring.  AMAZING!

I'm glad that many of the trees are evergreen, so that when the leaves fall or blow off, it won't just be bare branches and twigs.

 This is the town of Exeter through the fog.  Interesting how the nearer weeds and shrubs are SO much more colorful.
 A gazebo and landing on the edge of Exeter River.
I stopped first at the Exeter Fine Crafts gallery.  It used to be part of the New Hampshire Craft Guild, but it took itself private a while back in order that they could market work by craftspeople who were from the surrounding states. I thought the work was all of very high quality AND much of it was whimsical. 
This little knitter was many of darling chunky pottery women by Jane Kaufman.  Collectible!

I don't know who did these felted animals, but they were great1  There were dinosaurs, too.  Relatively realistic.
I never would have thought of a Dachshund with a red sombrero and skirt.
This airborne turtle used quilted bits and needle felting.
A hand painted etching of my favorite animal by Mary Margaret Sweeney
They also had Lithographs from Carol  Travers  Lummus. Her work almost always makes me laugh out loud.  I saw other prints by her at The Barn in Ogunquit.
Needle felted angles with painted wood faces.
Relatively accurate hanging bird ornaments.
Two birds from Scarlet Cord Designs.  I especially enjoyed that these incorporate  needle-felted wool AND felted sweaters AND charms.

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