Saturday, September 29, 2012

Legends of the Fall

Here is what I saw out of my bedroom window this morning
 Gray skies and fall color.  Pretty amazing.  The turkeys woke me up.  Really.  I heard this weird noise outside, and some scrabbling on the siding.  I got up and peeked out and there was a turkey.  Even without my contacts, turkey's aren't all that attractive.
And then, Hubby and I went to Portsmouth for brunch and a pleading visit to Best Buy (now merged with the Geek Squad) because my hard drive seemingly committed hari kari. We left it there (for a fee, of course) to see if GS can recover ALL my photographs (including the grand-child, Texas, tours and trips) and email addresses.  You know.

There are photos of a romp to Mack's Apple Orchard here. And more and more fall color!  I'm told it hasn't even peaked yet. (The apple cake I made to night was pretty luscious... even if I forgot two ingredients (!) and if I probably need to walk an extra mile to compensate for the sugar.

But I have a new hard drive (that doesn't rattle like the old one), and that miracle worker I'm married to installed it, and lots of the software I've become addicted to. (And the new Windows version we got has an even niftier set of sound effects with Free Cell.

BACK UP YOUR DATA.  Someplace besides on line.  Someplace besides your "main" hard drive.  Jump Drives? Discs?  The Cloud? Perhaps multiple places if it really matters.

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