Saturday, September 08, 2012

Good Citizenship....and how not to get called by political campaigns

 You may have noticed that there aren't all that many Obama yard signs.  It is my understanding that they'll be out in a week or two... AND that the Obama folks thought it was more important to make personal connections than to put up a sign.  Fortunately, however, when I volunteered to make some phone calls to undecided/independent voters in my zip code, the house from which we would be working DID have a yard sign.
There were also signs from previous campaigns inside.  And SHEEP on the mantle!  :-D

If you don't want to be called, do NOT sign up with your town clerk or voter registration person as "undecided" or "independent."  THOSE are the voters that are targeted ... at least by the Obama campaign.  I can't speak for Romney's folks.

AND... sadly, even if you are on commercial DO NOT CALL lists, those don't apply to electoral campaigns, only to commercial marketers.  Sadly, too, as a volunteer caller, I'm not in charge of what names are or are not "on the list."  I WAS careful to make notes for our IT/data entry experts regarding those people who didn't want to be bothered.  I respect that.  The campaign respects that.

What I found most interesting is that the people who DID want to talk (whether for or against Obama) had obviously thought about (or reacted to) events, situations and statements made recently.  I think that is a great first step.

The next step is to ACT on your thinking and VOTE.  At least then you won't have any regret about not making your preference known.

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Tony LaRocca said...

Not many people take action for what they believe in. You're awesome, do you know that? :)