Saturday, August 11, 2012

Name our Wood chuck (and a few other photos/thoughts)

 Before today's downpour, I looked out the front window and saw that our local woodchuck was back.  He (she?) didn't seem to stay too close to the shed today, but was in the middle of the grass between the shed and the drive way.  I don't know what he was eating, but it kept at it for quite a while.  Long enough for me to get my camera and zoom in as close as I could.

I think he/she needs a name.
Nominations are now open!


This is the Angora Rabbitt I mentioned yesterday.  Not your average rabbit ears.  This rabbit would not fit on your average roasting platter, even though he/she only weighed about 7 pounds according to the spinner dyer.  ALL fur all the time.  

I also missed a photo I took of a stool with a seat shapped like an artist's palette.  Cool, huh?

I read that there was a Caboose Museum in Sunapee.
I thought that meant there would be a COLLECTION of cabooses.
 Turns out it is a museum IN a caboose... about Lake Sunapee and the people who settled it after the trains reached it.
Lots of businesses and locations in New England have beautiful carved wood signs... and man of them are gold leafed like this one.  LOVE how they look.  But boy are they hard to read if the sun catches them!

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