Wednesday, August 08, 2012

HRH and Great Grandma visit New Hampshire

I thought you might enjoy seeing how HRH the Judester took to the piano:  HUGELY!  Wearing her new Dora the Explorer outfit, she easily shifted into DIVA mode.  I think she liked it.  Amazingly, the piano still seemed relatively in tune after its four months on its side in storage and its bumping and bouncing in and out of storage, the moving van, and up the stairs into the living room.

While un-packing, I found treasures I wanted to give to HRH:  A plush dinosaur (re-gifted from a sweet heart who gave it to me when I was going through chemo five years ago) and a picture book about a Red Sled in the Snow.  While HRH played the piano, son and DIL "broke in" the dino and book.
By the way... HRH thought the dino was a frog... and happily announced, "F***!  F***!  She has a ways to go when it comes to enunciation of final "g" sounds.
The real guest of honor, however, was Great-Grandmom P (my son's grandmom on his dad's side). I think that she found the Fountain of Youth thirty years ago because SHE HASN'T CHANGED A BIT.  She did have a big huge bruise on the bottom of her chin... where she landed when she slipped (and the hassock didn't) WHILE SCRUBBING THE FLOOR.

She and I always got along.  And still do.  I hope that when I am her age I am as spry, good natured and sharp as she is.

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