Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Emotional hodge podge so far this week

We expected to close on the house FRIDAY.  But the Mortgage Company representative told us it wasn't going to happen.  I have no understanding of how that process actually works.  Lets just say that our Realtor didn't think he was doing his job with much diligence.  Maybe she can get him/them to pay us for the extra weekend we've been in the motel waiting.

But Monday, in spite of the representative, enough things came together that we signed the papers and went home with another garage door opener and set of keys.

In New Hampshire, home sales are registered at the County Courthouse Registry of Deeds with the help of an attorney (rather than a Title Company).

In the far corner of the ample parking lot was a Richard Serra-like sculpture.  It made me think of all the couples that probably get married or divorced at the courthouse.  There were benches set apart from one another.

View I
At the security check, they didn't mind that I had ALL my knitting, scissors and a ton of colored pencils in my purse.  AND they were friendlier than in Collin County Texas... and gentler, calmer than at any airport in the past 10 years.

View II

View from the courthouse toward the central planting area.
 After we the attorney for the lender confirmed that the wire transfer of our HUGE "down payment" had been received, and we were given aforementioned keys and garage door opener, we went to the house to assess once again the relative sizes and colors of each room.

I have no idea where the piano will go!

But the bulbs and perennials in the front yard have gotten lots bigger than when we first looked at the house.

 I spent a couple of hours rocking on the front porch watching birds feed at the feeder.  There were at least 5 different singers... none of whom I recognized.

There a sort of "middle" door in the front of the house.  There's a faux water fountain that makes a wonderful sound.  The lilies and hydrangeas bid us welcome.
 Even in full sun, there was a breeze which we could hear through the pine and maple trees. I hope that when there's snow on the ground, we are as comfortable!
Today was a big disappointment:  full of those @#$% thwarted expectations.
The rest of the week we have set-up meetings with utility people, a mattress deliverer, the cable/internet/phone people, and a medical technician.  Not to mention that I am past due for a hair cut and dental visit.
But before we did all of that, I asked DH to go with me to an exhibit I'd read about at the Currier Museum in Manchester... about a half hour away.
We got there without any problem... but found out that the museum is CLOSED on Tuesdays.  I HATE when that happens!  (I'd read about the exhibit in a magazine, which gave the dates of the exhibit... but not the dates the museum was closed.  Grrrrrrr.

I still want to see the Aho exhibit.

Origins , 2001 - 2004
Mark di Suvero
steel and painted steel
 So I took photos of what was in the parking lot at we went to find someplace to eat.

Fusion II , 2010
George Sherwood
stainless steel
The directions the museum employees gave were insufficient so we got a bit lost and ended up at a newly opened diner on one of the westerly hills in town.  The cook was happy to see us and talkative.  She had more varieties of K-cups than I'd ever seen in one place.
 I would like to go back to Manchester just to take photographs of the architecture and the paint colors.  Again:  Not what I'm used to from Texas.
 When we got home I was grumpy, irritable and determined enough to start blocking the dress I'm making for the grand-daughter.

Blocking is not a favorite part of the process, but it sort of makes or breaks the garment.  I decided to go whole hog and soak the pieces.

Then after gently squeezing out the excess water, I used an entire package of T-pins to pink it to hotel towels on the hotel ironing board.

Twice I had to shoe the cat away.
I am hoping that while we wait for the mattress tomorrow (and before we have to pack to leave the hotel) I can actually seam the pieces together AND knit the picot edging.

Photos to follow.

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