Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Room of Her Own (with a view) (mostly)

 Room of my own... except when there are guests. 

We are making progress getting the house unpacked and put together.  I now understand why people with basements (or attics) find boxes years later that they NEVER opened or unpacked.  I have, however, found lots of favorite items that will go into my "home office" -- not to be confused with future art studio.  Someplace to lie down and/or read, huge desk, and at least one 2 drawer file.
And the other day when I actually got up at a "normal" hour, look at the view!!  Sun streaming in like butterscotch... over the vincas, coneflowers and bird feeder straight into my heart.
And if I look out my window to the Northwest, I can even see the hummingbird feeder and the other vinca.

This view (wider) shows the Hansel and Gretel like shed that may or may not become my art studio.  The previous residents used it for their lawn mower and snow blower.  I would sort of like something bigger... but that remains to be determined.
And here are two cupboards that are neat AND full.  For the moment.  And if anyone asks you, you CAN have way too many mugs! 

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