Sunday, June 17, 2012

Three Graces and Portsmouth

When on the coast of New England, I am finding it a challenge to remember which "cute" sea side town is at the mouth of which river. Portsmouth, New Hampshire is at the mouth of the Piscataqua River.  As a result, many of its main streets are windy, one-way and narrow.  Tugboat Alley is on Bow street, a seaside souvenir shop between lots of pubs and restaurants.  I've known sea captains who believed wholeheartedly the mantra on the shirt below.

 The Three  Graces Gallery, just around the corner on Market Street, is one I have been following on line for quite some time.  The main reason is the beautiful work by Laura Beaty. (see more below).  But I loved the sunny natural light in the white washed space overlooking the tugboat station for its own sake..
Dustan Knight does lovely abstract florals.  And according to the gallery hostess, she also did the tiny 4 x 4 acrylic canvases of horses and their friends shown below.

Laura Luciano Beaty (she seems SO young according to her CV!) does fabulous encaustic work on wood panels.  This particular series evokes the ocean for me.  Waves, foam, seaweed and glittery ocean glass.  The big piece is about 2 feet by 2 feet.  The little ones are 4 inches square.  I have some favorites.  Do you? 

She uses nail heads (copper and aluminum) lace, transfers and yarns to embellish the already complex surface of colored wax.

Shiao-Ping Wang paints with acrylic on board and apparently uses maps as inspirations for the shapes and interlineation.

There were beautiful, small ceramic vessels (they looked like porcelain to me) that Stephanie Young carves before glazing.  They reminded me very much of some of the pieces we saw at the Roycroft center in East Aurora, NY... so I was gratified when Ms. Young's artist statement mentioned that she, too, had been influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th century.

Cindy Rizza was the featured artist last Thursday.  Also young (Did you know that people could be born IN 1991 and still be old enough to order alcoholic beverages?!!), her show was entitled "What the Shadows Know."  There was fascinating shadow play in each piece, and most of them had webbed patio chairs.  Simple and thought provoking.

We ate too much at the River House to consider ice cream, but Izzy's looked inviting.

The tugboat dock was just outside of River House. I didn't notice any boats big enough to need a tug entering or exiting the harbor

  Across the street in a boxy red brick building was an Art Glass Gallery.  The timing wasn't right for us to go this trip... but next time.
River House was a lovely tavern/pub-style restaurant.  Kind of traditional sea-side fare with a nouvelle American flavor.  The Clam chowder was special.  (So was the blue cheese steak salad!)

Views from our table.

The server had an easy time talking us into trying Angry Orchard's Hard Ginger Cider.  Definitely Recommended...even if it comes in a Smuttynose glass!

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