Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Darling Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

This afternoon we had the grandparents' privilege of watching HRH the granddaughter as one of the Dorothys in her day care center's production of The Wizard of Oz. I am very impressed with the efforts of the staff and high school students who helped.  The infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers were darling in their own ways, but their natural-ness was more charming than a production of tots in tiaras or tap shoes would have been. The community is lucky to have these dedicated care givers/specialists.
I took a ton of photographs.  In the dark.  From my seat. But if you want to see them all they are here.
Above, as you might have guessed is the darling granddaughter.
The staging was creative.  A tall teen spun across the stage (wearing black leotard and tights) with a Kansas house on her head.  A toddler on a trike drove uncontrollably due to the tornado's influence.
The Center had borrowed props and costumes from someone else's production.  Here's the upended house with the Wicked Witch's shoes caught in the roof gutter.

I always like toddler sized lions (or bears).  Oh My!
Here, Dorothy and the Tin Men watch the Scarecrows get their diplomas (proof of brains).
Glinda and the Wizard bestowing their gifts.
Dorothy thinking.
Leaving the Emerald City a wee big premature, but to the beat of her own drummer.

Out of costume at Chili's for the post-performance celebration.
We got to go with her parents and her Aunt (my daughter).  I had some moments of sadness while in the auditorium as I thought about the performances I had had to miss we was a brief wave of angst because my ex and his wife (the other in-state grandparents) were there.  I musta been an only child because I still have a hard time sharing... or playing very well with others.  DH, though was a peach.  Impeccably polite to Pop Pop and Gi Gi.  They left immediately after the performance because they were going to drive west and see if they could set up their telescope in time to see Venus cross in front of the face of the Sun.
Even after missing her afternoon nap, enduring the smell of greasepaint and roar of the crowd, HRH was happy, hungry and huggable.

Apple slices fit in your mouth all at once.  (Almost.)
Hope there will be another event soon.

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