Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eats and Arts in Hampton & Newburyport

 As usual, we got a late start Saturday morning, so food was at the top of the agenda.  We weren't sure where we were headed, so at least we stayed on relatively small roads (though this is HWY 1). In an area full of small towns, there are different standards by which to judge their appropriateness.  I like that not EVERYTHING is a chain, but get skeptical about one-of businesses when we haven't heard of them before! 
     The decor was fun and attractive, and the background music was 50's doo-wop.
 Clearly the age of the automobile.  I've never heard of Gilmore Gas, but I like their slogan and logo.
 Texaco had made it this far north as well.

After lunch we went to Newburyport to check out Piels Craftsmen (a model boat store extroardinnaire).  The proprietor, Bill, recommended that we head across the street to Oldies Market.  It was a glorified Antique Mall in a barn.  But the "stuff" wasn't like Texas Stuff.  The fact that the mix was different, and that is was all DUSTED, made it more interesting than most.

You don't find lobster traps in Allen, Texas. (Let alone these Quonset Hug shaped ones AND the more usual rhomboid ones.
 There were fun "collages" on both sides of the entry way.

 After wandering through booths with old wood working tools, vinyl records, books, glass, furniture, we re-parked near a gallery and gift shop I had spied earlier.
The gift shop is called A Shore Thing.  There was lots to like! It apparently presents itself as a home for shabby chick ambience as well as local arts and crafts.  Regretably the man in charge during my visit didn't know the names of any of the local artists.  (If they ARE local).
 Brightly Beaded little clutches
 A "Royal" Clock
 Funny felted chicks
  Funny felted chicks
  Funny felted chicks
 Amazingly "realistic" papier mache birds.
 Of varying species.  There was a great quail, too.
 Down the street was the Walsingham Art Gallery.  Boy, I can pick them!
 Nifty, whimsical ostrich outside their front door.
 Fine art in saturated hues.
 A small work that reminded me of the mice (mouse) nibbling at our car.
These sun-lit houses are by one of their ten new artists.
GEE, I sure miss my paints!

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