Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Windham Town Beach

Windham Town Beach, a photo by Sultry on the road and on the move on Flickr.Windham Town Beach by Sultry on the road and on the move
I usually consider myself an ocean person.  But this lake was very attractive.  It was in a hillier geography than the lakes I knew in Minnesota, but at least today there were no mosquitoes, either.  Of course it IS April, and we might have frost tonight, and it was only about 50 degrees! We are still on the look out for houses for sale.  Windham seemed to have brand new police, fire AND library facilities.  :-)
Views to the north

I think somebody sells food or snacks from this little building by the beach.  Or they might charge for parking or beach  rights for people not from the lake.  There was a port-a-pot catty corner across the parking lot.

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