Monday, April 23, 2012

Three hunted houses

This was the best house of the day... even though the basement appears to have the equivalent of about 4 birds, quirrels or other varmints in this property.

The kitchen eating area was bright.  The wood flors were honey gold and warm.
This is probably the best photo that I took.  The main room has beautiful wood flooring.

...from the family room into the kitchen.
House #2.
Strange divisions of a space.
A converted bedroom. 
The relatively formal living room.

House #3:  The"grotto"massed" of people you aren't likely to know.  Dana and I can discuss them, if you'd like.

Third home: Hard to tell what I thought because of all the "stuff."

The sunroom leaks.  Alot. e may go on a tour of the area tomorrow... to understand the community a bit better... And to give us something to do until the listing agent found their office....

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