Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Off we go! Into the Wild Blue Yonder!

Preliminary thoughts on New Hampshire Expedition

I've had so many thoughts and taken so many photographs that I hardly know where to begin! So I thought I would at least transcribe some "talking points" for now. Who knows if or when I will get totally caught up with my travel journal, but at least this way, if that is NEVER, I'll be able to reconstruct what was when. (I can't believe we ONLY LEFT YESTERDAY). Or only left Texas. We HAVE been away from "home" for 10 days, which explains why we feel like such

Tuesday, April 3
  • Packed up and headed north.
  • "Breakfast" outside Little Rock @ IHOP. We offered the cat a promenade, but she wanted nothing to do with leash. She doesn't seem to mind the car, even without the anti-anxiety pills the vet gave us. About every two hours she mews a few times, Hubby says "NO!" and it's quiet for another two hours. We are grateful that there has been minimal squeaking.
  • Road Repair and heavy truck traffic
  • Facebook queries about whether we were safe... Took us a while to realize that a huge, horrible storm system spawning tornadoes had blown through Arlington, Lancaster and other parts of Dallas.
  • Drove through to far side of Memphis. Grateful to get off the road. Logged 480 miles.
  • Pizza Delivery.

Wednesday, April 4
  • Clear in Memphis. I drove. Names the Highlander SIGRID... because she's such a Sweedy.
  • Loretta Lynne's Kitchen for breakfast based on a just in time recommendation from my friend in Estonia
  • Nashville music highway full of sheriffs and police. Don't know if they all sing.
  • Flat, green, swampy
  • David attempting to make reservations in Louisville ahead of time using my Droid and his portable wifi hotspot. Not working very well.
  • Just said no to $250 non-refundable pet deposit
  • Hills, farms, fences for horses, no horses
  • Louisville:
  • Microtel: "Not what I'm used to." 2 stars, max.
  • Poor construction,m squeaky floor, thin walls
  • Off to Fresh Aire Laundromat. When did the price go to $.25 for 6 minutes of dryer time?
  • Dinner at O'Charley's
  • Cat sleeping IN her cage of her own volition. What a surprise.

See all the pictures here.

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