Thursday, April 19, 2012

276 Forrest Street by Sultry on the road and on the move

Today we saw a house that I liked, but that wasn't "right" enough. Even though the Realtor says that if you get 85% of what you are looking for, that is probably a good percentage.
I liked the neighborhood, amenities, colors and especially the openness and biightness of this house.
BUT: no basement, no workshop (in spite of a detached, OLD building that could serve as a garage. A neighbor walking by said that the previous resident was "not a good person." Apparently he was a contractor who delivered SO much less than he delivered that he ended up in jail. A realtor bought the home and has invested quite a bit in cosmetic stuff.
Reminds me of Sarah Palin's line about a pig wearing lipstick is still a pig.

The grass (and bulbs) really ARE greener over the septic tank. (Thank you Erma Bombeck)
I can imagine painting in this room... although it would be a shame to get paint on the wide-pine planked floors.

It was the only house we had to look at today. There is one other to look at tomorrow.

We met a Private Mortgage Lender. He seemed optimistic and well informed. We'll see.

David is following an AAA Tow Truck Driver to the Mazda dealer in a nearby town so that he can get his truck repaired. I don't know what auto-transport trucks DO to cars, but ours had NO oil pressure and began "ticking" (tapping?) on the way from daughter's house to our hotel.

He said he almost went straight to Toyota to buy himself a NEW truck. (But we'd really rather not have two car payments right off the bat... especially while we're getting pre-approved for a mortgage.

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