Saturday, April 28, 2012

No we are NOT on a roller coaster.

Although it sort of seems like it. There are definitely highs and lows. 
Monday we are going with the Realtor to look at several houses in a NH neighborhood called Windham. It isn't as close to the coast as we had planned, but it is "easy access" to a major north-south highway, and seems pretty. We'll see. 
When we got there, we saw lots of signs for Canobie Lake Park.  We had assumed it would be camping and picnics.  We were wrong.  Established in 1902, it is obviously a local favorite.  On a day that barely reached into the 50's, I couldn't see the appeal of flume rides landing in water.  It had a great wooden roller coaster, HUGE carousel, tea cups and I don't know what else.
On their website they list "thrill rides" as well as family rides, and live entertainment.  Might be fun.  They have a senior discount.
How much traffic do  you suppose gets generated on the residential streets?  I am sure that the parking lot fills up.  (It looks big on the Google satellite map!
I don't be on this one.

Since we're looking for a ranch style house, this one isn't in the running, but the neighborhood is all like this... AND relatively affordable.  Now... single story, basement, and extra property for a workshop.  PLEASE.
The gardeners have been at work.  PERENNIALS.  Lovely bulbs!

There was a huge variety of house styles.  Some contemporaries, double wides, 50's ranches, 70's ranches, Colonials and even one "California Spanish" one.  Oh, and I think the one we're slated to look at has VERY orange shutters.  (I know how to find a paint store).

At one end of the lake, there is hardly any definition between land and water... it just is a marsh. 

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