Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pretty Empty
We have taken uncounted bags of trash to the dump, to Good Will; uncounted boxes of books to donate to our local Public Library/book sale and to our "temporary" storage unit to help de-clutter the house.

Everybody recommends that you depersonalize your house as much as possible prior to sale. This is about as depersonalized as I think I can stand it... and there is still a big original painting of mine in the foyer where it smacks you in the face (metaphorically, not literally).

We have not had success so far in selling 4 big pieces of 1920's Mahogany furniture... but we did get them out of the "dining room." THAT looks impersonal to me. (And kudos to Cottage Cleaners for getting so many spots out of the rug!)

Having two clean sinks and relatively little on the kitchen counters is pretty impersonal, too. Would you have thought that arranging your pots and pans "artfully" on a pot rack would be satisfying?! Neither hubby nor I want to cook OR eat at home for fear of having a dirty sink or full dishwasher.

I suppose our color choices and furniture arrangement are personal. But the grandbaby's pictures, her parent's wedding portrait, and my daughter's wedding portrait are all tucked away. My "current reading" is limited to 2 magazines (on the bottom shelf of a coffee table) and 2 novels (IN my purse/tote bag along with a knitting project.)

On the first day of showings we've had five people make appointments to see the house. Looks like we're really going to move.

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