Thursday, January 26, 2012

Susan Gibbs Trunk Show

Susan Gibbs Trunk Show by Sultry
Susan Gibbs Trunk Show, a photo by Sultry on Flickr.

"And the stash at WEBS is THIS big."

Even though the "trunks" of knitted items got lost (courtesy of UPS), Susan Gibbs gave a fine performance when telling us about Juniper Moon Fiber (and the Farm), the present day vagaries of the yarn business and how a dynamo works. Susan is the dynamo.
And who knew that practically all the wool grown in the US is promised to the US ARMY for wool uniforms? That's why "her" American-designed wool yarn actually comes from Italian sheep. And, apparently, US mills are either tiny and run like hobbies, or huge and only make thread for American Outfitters. Here she is a "job creator" and she can't make it work for Americans. (She does draw the line, however, at sweat shop conditions for both humans and animals. Those Italian sheep and millers don't know how lucky they are.
Plus, Susan was just SO endearing.
Gonna knit.

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