Saturday, September 03, 2011

Regolith by Sultry
Regolith, a photo by Sultry on Flickr.

It was my intention to compose a work that was nearly monotone, grayed and calm, in contrast to the vibrant (some would say HYPER) colors that I usually work with. By the time I finished, I had probably created a couple dozen layers, which is more than I usually have the patience for. As I worked, I discovered colors.. some lilac, some yellows, blues and oranges. So, as always, there are compliments in hue. There are also compliments in texture/line.

It reminded me of dirt. But in a good way. When I looked for words that meant dirt, I discovered regolith... which refers to all the stuff that rests on rock. Could be silt, eroded rock, salt deposits or even broken down organic material. So there it is. Regolith.

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