Sunday, June 19, 2011

For Father's Day (a little late)

My Daddy taught me bicycle riding
And to keep mum for peace;
To count and bid a bridge hand.
That appreciation is affection.
Balance your check book. Pay the bills.
You're tougher than you think.
Pretend that everything's fine.

The distance between
boy toddler and adult son's
more than East to West

Thanks, ma!
I love you, ma.
Are you coming, ma?
The baby's sitting up now, ma.
We're fine, ma.
Thank you, son, for saying so.

Two blessings on my heart
Petulant daughter teaching me, taunting
Angry son breaking my heart.
But time and patience, mending and years
Reward me with a woman child and a man child.
Two miracles all grown up.

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