Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At least that's what the caption might be if this were a poster. DH and I will never be too thin nor too rich, but we may be pushing the limits on too many books.

As we consider the logistics of relocating, we 've begun to think about our collection (hoard?) of books. DH has been like a bee in a hive: going upstairs, downstairs and all around the house collecting his paperback books (mostly science fiction as you can see if you look closely).
First he made an A-Z set of sorting guides, then spread them over just about every horizontal surface he could find.
Then, starting from Z, he alphabetized the books by author and started packing them into the custom cartons he'd ordered. He's gotten to the S's.
We discovered that even a smallish box of books, carefully packed, is TOO HEAVY. So there will be some rearranging and ordering of smaller boxes so they weight less than 64 pounds each!
Wait till we get to the hardcovers...

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