Thursday, March 03, 2011

Retirement allows for a Brief Trip!!
We took a few days to come to San Antonio... (Lots more photos and images when I get back to my camera cable and computer). Today's adventure was the McNay. What a fun art collection and story of a woman ahead of her time... Only child born at the turn of the last century who studied art in Chicago, taught art, became a painter... married a much younger man who tragically died after being called up in WWI... from the Spanish Influenza. Along the way, oil was discovered on her father's property (inheritance!!), and she remarried... several times. Eventually she returned to painting, and got to know other painters and collectors.

At present they are having a special exhibit called New Image Sculpture.
They didn't allow photos, but I found some on line ones to share...

Margarita Cabrera: Arbol de la Vida
This is an actually John Deere tractor covered (I think) with clay and clay birds and butterflies. It's pretty and pink.

Sandy Skoglund: Cocktail Party

Made of resin covered CHEESE DOODLES!
She was born in Weymouth MA, attended Smith College, and has done lots of other neat food/environment/social commentary sculptures.

Jean Lowe also had pieces in the show. I loved how she satirizes therapists and therapy.
In the assemblage I saw there was a diploma-ish framed piece that had "Harvard" in large letters and "crew team" where the degree name should have been. She'd also made a huge fancy certificate that actually said "Reinstatement of Rescinded Driver's License."

In another area there were therapists notes (made of enamel on cardboard) that said things like:
"pt is bitter misanthrope.
works in human
"7th session w/ S_____
On and on about his mother!"
with sexy little doodles at the bottom of the page.

I also got to see original Picassos, Chagalls, J. Mitchell and some 15th century Netherlandish art that reminded me of my college studies.

I might have to buy the book! (on Amazon) and might also write a letter to the curator(s). Lots of work that seemed out of the ordinary, but not totally off the deep end.

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