Friday, March 18, 2011

Drawing every day. Still.

Drawing every day. Still.
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I read somewhere that if you've outlived your usefulness, you've lived too long. I don't know that I am especially useful, but I do like to draw and make art and be creative and, ahem, offer my opinion.
So I am making a conscious effort to draw (or something) every day. I hope that some of these little sketches will become paintings and others will become embroidered panels
A friend of mine used to always say that if you weren't busy living, you were busy dying. It seems to me that we're all dying... but I'm trying to create stuff, too.

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playmakebelieve said...

ok, i have NO idea how I missed the face in the ocean and moon sketch...

and, are you useful to yourself? :)
you're useful to me. love ya