Saturday, January 01, 2011


I have no intention of uploading ALL my journal pages this year, but on 1-1-11, I thought I'd go public enough to keep me honest.
I feel liberated because I don't have to go to work on Monday.. ever again. We're retired. We don't have to go. I'm also bit tense because January first is when I've always made co-dependent, perfectionistic "resolutions" about how 'this year will be different.'

"This year' is usually pretty much the same.

Logistically, though, this year WILL be different. See above about Retirement! And I'm a granny. So maybe other changes will happen, too.

In a paradoxical direction, I'm going to be MORE superficial by focusing on appearance and activity. No longer will I go out of the house looking half dead or like I just got out of bed. Several times I came home after breakfast or lunch with DH and was amazed no one had run away screaming. Surely powder, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick isn't too much to ask... even if I'm not getting paid wherever my destination is.
And I want to appear to be a disciplined old lady and take a daily walk. (Sometimes appearances are enough. My inner self will always be the Empress of Entropy, and I know that by now.) 30 minutes walking. Rain or shine. That's my goal. Preferably right after waking up (maybe just mascara?!!). I don't imagine I'll cover much distance at first... but just standing that long does something to my knee ligaments... Gotta toughen them up. GENTLY.

And then there's (finally) a time to BE AN ARTIST.
(scanned from a greeting card by the amazing SARK.
If it isn't a journal entry, or daily sketch, it will be REAL painting or something crafty. I dug out several origami books and had a blast making "vases" and water bombs. I might try an elephant next! (There were REALLY tough, complicated books at SMU when we were there last week. Who knew that origami is related to MATH?!!) And there's quilting and embroidery. and Knitting! (I finished the knitting part of DH's sweater New Year's Eve. Finally! Now all I need to do is sew it together and put buttons on. (I'm not impressed with S. Mellville's 1 stitch yo buttonholes, but since I've never seen my husband actualoly button a sweater, it might not matter much!

Hubby is doing most of the cooking so far. But I hope to do some reading and meal planning so we can make better choices. Even my son said (and I agree), "I like most vegetables, but sometimes I just choose M 'n' M's instead." Exactly.

I want to keep a record of my reading AND my knitting this year. Surely I accomplish some things! Might look for an on-line writing class or group, too. When I was purging my old computer from the office, I found a lot of writing I'd done with my friend Tamara. It was fun! And I'm enough older (again) that I'm not so terrified of rejection (slips).

And then, I also want to get rid of "dead wood." As in books, clothes, files, magazines and "stuff" that either NOBODY ON THE PLANET needs, or that I don't need and somebody else could use.
That's enough, no?
Happy New Year.

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playmakebelieve said...

that is indeed a lot. maybe goals instead of resolutions? that's my plan, at least. :)