Monday, April 12, 2010

Books are my friends

Wouldn't this be a fun one to work through? Cinnamon and Cardamom and who knows what else. Lefsa! Aebbleskiver (sp?!) and who knows what else.
These sort of lept out at me when I was at Legacy Books in Plano. I read a few pages of the Russo and wondered if I've read it before... it came out several years ago. But I might try it again. Making Toast was too sad for now: about a couple whose surgeon daughter dies of a congenital heart defect leaving behind a distraught husband and three children. The couple goes to his house to help with the children "forever."

Has anybody read the predecessor to Barbara Bretton's Laced with Magic? Knitting AND a contemporary fantasy might be a fun airplane read. I'm sticking with easier bridge books than this one. This guy is serious and talks about duplicate bridge contests. I am not that serious.

Everything I need to know-- from Children's Books was a great browse. As a former children's librarian, I tended to make judgments about the recommender based on the specialness of the book they picked. I thought I wanted the book... but I think I like the IDEA of the book more than this actual incarnation. Tikki Barber, having just left his wife-pregnant-with-twins at eight months, might have considered something different than The Little Engine That Could.

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