Tuesday, March 02, 2010

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Today was a tough day.
A friend and I did an intervention of sorts on a Long Term Friend. Several of us finally figured out that LTF had been less than truthful with us about her activities, physical condition and mental state. The friend had dropped in last weekend to discover that LTF was immobile, had neither electricity nor running water, and had innumerable bags of trash (or something) throughout her house.
At 8:30 am we called the only agency I knew of that might come out and do an assessment on LTF AND be able to get her to go someplace for observation.
With the help of that agency, two EMT crews, a Fire Department crew and the occupants of five (!) police cruisers, she was moved with (relative) dignity to the local major hospital for assessment.
As one of her family members said (when family stepped in), we may have saved a life today.

I will never look at personal grooming chores, emptying the trash, cooking, or household maintenance the same way.
Or asking for help when I'm overwhelmed.

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