Monday, February 22, 2010

You just never know...

These are North Ronaldsay Sheep. They are reared on an island in Scotland called, amazingly enough, North Ronaldsay. Their genome goes back to the bronze age. They're small (about 100 pounds) and goat like. And......... THEY EAT SEAWEED. All year long. Except for when the ewes are pregnant, and then they get to eat grass on the lee side of the 4 x 1 mile land mass.

Apparently their seaweed diet makes their meat especially tasty (and expensive) and in demand from Scottish caterers. Their fleece ranges from white to black through grey and brown and is spun as well as felted. They share the rocks and seaweed with seals much of the time.

Just thought you'd want to know.


wenders said...

i am glad i know this. really!

Ray said...

The lambs raised on salt marsh are also a delicacy:

Quite delicious!