Sunday, November 08, 2009

Little Things

In spite of glorious weather, a devoted husband and prospering adult children, I've been under some sort of cloud for a while. I am well aware that there are still clouds in my sky, and that it is up to me to focus, ignore or deny their impact.

But I've had a small success or two.
I signed up and actually went to a (relatively) early bird walk this morning at Connemara Conservancy. There I found 25 or 30 like minded bird watchers. Some older and as creaky as me, many with binoculars or cameras with GIANT lenses. Through a 'scope I saw a Lincoln's Sparrow, (above left) a kestrel and hawk (missed the name of the specific kind.).

I had to turn back early because I had a professional peer meeding, but at that point I saw two red-bellied woodpeckers. I think the guide called them flickers, but I haven't been able to find out what is the difference, if any. Bird identification has lots of detailed mysteries.

I made it back to the car, home and to a friends house in time to be punctual for a mini seminar of peers about the deterioration of family life advantageous to child rearing. I hadn't read the book, because I assumed it would be "more of the same. But apparently it isn't. The author explores the tensions between "family values" and "individualism." As with the argument about healthcare, I don't understand why it needs to be so oppositional.

The bird walk was my third longish walk in three days.

When I got home, DH wanted some together time, so we went (no surprise) to Legacy Books. He got a new book by a favorite "hard" SF author. I got a discounted book of folk tales about confronting fear, Richard Russo's That Old Cape Magic, and two (2!) knitting novels. I hope to substitute reading for late night eating.

I finished two steps in a secret knitting projects.

DOING helps combat those dark gray clouds.

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Holly said...

Hope the cloud begins to clear soon. They come and go and I don't learn to like them any better each time they show up.

My sister volunteers weekly at a local bird banding station. She is the official bird oracle in my book. Happy to hear of your little bird excursion.