Saturday, November 21, 2009

Illustration Friday: Music

If I were braver (whatever THAT means!) , I'd have tried to draw each of the cats (and the cheetah) from "scratch" and the same with the instruments. As it was, I did some digital cutting, pastinc and alterating.

Coments and critiques welcome. Thanks for looking.


Indigene said...

I love the textures and colors! We do what we gotta do to get the job done and you got the job done very well! :)

studio lolo said...

I like the whimsy of the composition!
Hey, think outside of your cat box and find the courage. I know you can do it ;)

Tony Sarrecchia... said...

The cats work. Nice piece.

Kay Cox said...

I'm impressed...really nice piece. I like the contrast of the cats' texture to the slick instruments.