Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am looking forward to abstracting, sketching, combining ideas in these and making paintings.
1. Beach House, 2. Barn Art for Nancy, 3. boat, gull, fish stage, 4. Pouch Cove, 5. Old barn, 6. Red Barn, 7. Moon over barn, Fairfield Iowa, 8. Built for one, 9. Hay Barn, 10. Barn near the Queensway, 11. Barn On The Ridge, 12. Christmas barn, 13. Red Barns 2 (from a distance), 14. one view from across the cornfield, 15. Barn On The Ridge, 16. The Lonely Barn, 17. Forgotten Tulip Barn, 18. Sattley Barn, 19. Old barn, 20. Old Barn Ravensthorpe, 21. along the pond a red barn sits, 22. Green Barn in a Green Field by Green Trees, 23. Barn Art #8 (Explored), 24. I Repeat, You Are NOT Cleared For Landing!, 25. One Happy Barn, 26. Barns Of Marathon County (5), 27. Barn With Garage Door, 28. the big red barn, 29. Little Red Barn, 30. Valley Barn, 31. Brick Barn, 32. The little red barn, 33. Old Barn, Mendocino, 34. Red barn, 35. The old Kentucky barn, 36. Barn Art 5

You can click on the image to get to Flickr, and once there, click again to see any individual barn BIGGER! (It's worth it!) Have fun.

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Elizabeth said...

Your barn project looks like fun! Thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving me a note! HAPPY painting! :-)