Saturday, July 04, 2009

The day didn't start out all that great. But it got better.
I did quite a lot of painting. Late, of course.

I think that I've finished this one, AND renamed it: Seaside Barns Abandoned
Sea Side Cluster

This is from a photo of sheep in Iceland near a black-sand beach.

And, one of the most traditional subjects of all, Flowers! I hope the painting looks fresh rather than traditional when I finish.


Judybec said...

beautiful work
love how soft and pretty they look -- especially the last one of the vase with flowers. lovely colors!

Jeff said...

I love the composition of Seaside Cluster. You've got a real winner there.

Anonymous said...

Love your work and LoVe your site :D It's so inspiring and beautiful to look at. Thank You. xxxxxxxxxxxx